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WinSAAM is a Windows version of original interactive biological modeling program, CONSAAM, developed in 1980 at NIH. Supporting almost all the features of CONSAAM, WinSAAM additionally brings to the user features of Windows thereby enhancing  the productivity of the application environment. For example WinSAAM supports a new graphics system which permits extreme flexibility in terms of configuring plots and exporting plots directly from the plot window to your word processing or graphic refinement environment. Similarly, a new spreadsheet output facility allows the results from WinSAAM data processing to be exported directly to Excel or other spreadsheet systems, or to your favorite statistical tool in readiness for further data processing and analysis.

 WinSAAM was designed primarily at the National Institute of Health by Dr Ray Boston of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

For Further Information

Darko Stefanovski, Peter J. Moate and Raymond C. Boston, WinSAAM: a windows-based compartmental modeling system, Metabolism, Volume 52, Issue 9, September 2003, Pages 1153-1166.


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